Got a question for all those familiar with bass amps

Last night we played a gig with a band and our bass player borrowed their bass amp. Another band used his amp before we went on and when we went to use it didn't work.

This morning we had a message from the owner of the amp saying that when we sound checked our bass players pedals (gain pedals I presume) 'overloaded' the amp and now he wants money for the repair. He says he or the other band doesn't use pedals so it must of been us. He says he has taken it to a tech to get it fixed and this is what he hold him.

The amp he was using was some kind of Trace Elliot combo, pretty sure it is solid sate class D. The gain pedals used by our bassist was an Ashdown preamp pedal and was set to a mild bass distortion. Is it possible to damage an amp in this way or he is BSing us?

TLDR: Can you overload/damage a solid state bass amp by using pedals
You're being handed some expansive (and potentially expensive) BS by a tech who has no clue what he's talking about.

Two morals from this story, however.

  • Never borrow someone else's amp and
  • Never loan out your amp to someone else.

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