I got a 6505 in March of this year and have used it minimally. Today I was playing for a few minutes and I switch to the clean channel and back to the lead channel and the distortion and gain is completely gone. It sounds like the clean channel. The amp lost a lot of volume and gain. Its a very new amp with little use so I`m confused if the tubes are bad. Tried a different guitar same problem. They are glowing orange and blue but nothing red plating. Any suggestions?

Edit: I swapped the pre amp tubes around, the sound is back but the gain is lacking bass. Im going to get new pre amp tubes
If it fits it shits
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Yeah, get a whole new set of tubes.
If you've got gain but not enough low-end, I'd suggest replacing the power tubes as well, because that's usually what causes a lack of low-end. Make sure you replace the phase inverter tube as well. I'd highly suggest a JJ 5751 for that position and V1. They are the secret sauce...
retube the whole thing and keep the working spares as a backup. its always worth it to have spares around.

i have about 60+ extra tubes that are brand new, and at least 20 that are partially used. haha i am pathetic.