Hello all! I write music, but I don't know what specific genre it falls into. I know it's a form of rock, but it can vary a lot. I have a song that's mostly piano and acoustic guitar, and then another song with much harder distorted electric guitars, and more in between. Also, I haven't been in a professional studio yet or anything, so while I do have recordings, they are demos, and even for that pretty crappy, I just haven't been able to get into a studio yet. Anyways, I have links below to a couple of my songs as a reference. BTW: I don't want to hear about how much I suck (unless you have a clever/funny way of putting it), because I know it's not great, I just want input on genre, and HELPFUL advice on recording would be appreciated as well.

Links to some of my less crappy demos (please read the above blurb first!):

Dance to a Forgotten Song (instruments from GarageBand, not recorded except vocals):

If I Ruled the World:

Overtime (On My Mind):

Iris (instrumental):


The End:

If you made it through all those, I promise I'm actually a decent musician, lol.
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