hi everyone!
I just picked up a cheap lil First Act acoustic guitar to mess around with, and it looks like the tuners could use some new gears. attached is a picture of the things, does anyone know where I could find these little gear things and what they're called?
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I doubt you can just find just replacement parts for acoustic.. another thing to consider is first act aren't know for making quality instruments.. http://www.stewmac.com/ has tuners for acoustics but I think it is for the entire tuner not parts and pieces for this type of tuner (I could be wrong about this.
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If you check around at music stores, sometimes you can find one that works on guitars, some of them have a lot of spare parts on hand.

That type of tuner is as old as the hills, I have 2 guitars with them. Over 50 years old and working perfect.

If one is getting loose, get a good flat end punch, round tip, I'd use a 1/4 inch. Set it against the side of the holder at the very top of the picture, where the worm gear is, and tap lightly to tighten the gap between worm gear and round gear. Do each side of the worm gear holder. See the piece of a string sticking out on the top right? It's pointing to exactly where you want to tap it. Tap lightly, you're not pounding a 16 penny nail through a 4x4. That top one looks like it might be a bit loose, the other 2 look ok. A drop of 3 in 1 oil once a year or so will help keep them in good shape. Also make sure the phillips head screw in the back of the round gear is tight. It should be a #2 screwdriver, most are, make sure you use a good one, an old worn out one will trash the screw heads.

I've tightened tuners this way before, it will work fine, just go easy, tap it lightly. It won't take much.

If the worm gear is loose in that holder, you can also tap the top of it to tighten that a little. Do that after you adjust it from the side to get the gears to mesh better.
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