I've been playing guitar for some odd 12 years been in some pretty active bands and took a year and a half hiatus up until recently. Always leaned more towards metal playing lots off ATR KSE Atreyu etc growing up. Ive got a lot of good technique but being self taught from tabs I never learned scales or modes or any real theory hell i cant even use a metronome only a drummer. Long story short im looking for a good place to start online to build my lead techniques and clean up my play style. Thanks !
Exactly the same boat here. I just picked it up again after playing bass for 6 years and had never broke through intermediate
ok..you have invested a lot of time and energy in getting to where you are..now you want to grow...the following advice will take approx. one year to begin to sink in..now the results are going to be most rewarding and your growth will be monumental..

1--Music Theory
2-Diatonic Harmony

these are ongoing studies that you will use for all of your musical life..their application at first will seem slow and difficult..but with constant study they will open many doors and answer most if not all of your questions .. it will require..dedication determination and patients - three ingredients used in most if not all successful projects..

another way to see it: One year is going to happen..do you want to be in the same place you are now when it does?
play well

I definitely agree with you. Im looking for a good place to find structured lessons in theory and applying it. I have the ability to play quite difficult and techinal things and i can also create pretty nice riffs but lacking the theory everything i play seems to stem from other songs ive learned and techniques where id rather be more fluid and unique
Play along with a metronome! This is so so so important. This will really improve your timing. If you can't play along with a metronome your timing must be pretty poor.

Also learn scales, arpeggios, how to use them. What key songs are in. This will really help your songwriting.

Also ear training!
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You can just get drum loops, a drum machine or a drum app, even free drum software like Hydrogen and not ever work with a metronome. You don't have to use one, these will do just as good if not better, as it will continue to be fun. You might even write a few riffs along the way.

Sounds to me like it is time to get a teacher, someone that can spend time 1:1 and fix some of the wrong technique that you've picked along the way.