Hey guys!
Just finished a new song.
Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Hope you will enjoy it!
The song sounds very well produced and the riffs are pretty classic metalcore. Really nice sound quality here! Loved the chord progression around 1:03. 1:38 really made me think Foo Fighters xD that's kinda like their sense of melody, you know? One of the most influential bands, imo. But in terms of songwriting, it felt more like you just threw in a lot of riffs rather than a song built from the ground up with intertwining elements. That being said, pretty decent song overall, and the leads kept it from being to monotonous.

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Hey there! It's a pretty solid track! Kickass riffs and neat production! Add some vocals and your set!

Cool video and good song. Vocals would really add to this though. Trashy basement haha. Overall good work. On my song you asked what I used for drums, I used EZ Drummer metal Machine.
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Wow, thats some really nice riffin'!
Digging the part at 0:36. Almost like a "walking" metal riff.
Nice guitar tone. Sounds huge! What kind of software are you using?
Nice and groovy at 2:32, but try to make those pinch harmonic vibratos wider and slower.
Like Fuzorz said, some vocals and an over the top shredding solo would fit this song well.
Good production man. Keep it up!

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Thanks man. I tried to make a shredding solo but it just didn't fit in the song in my opinion.
I am using Bias FX on my iPad for all guitar tracks. I made a video for it too.
Hey! Nice track, my favourite riff was at 0:50, pretty cool rythm/melody combination, as for the mix everything sounds big and fits the song well, the guitar and drums sound huge, like said above, this song would benefit a lot from screaming vocals!

Good job!
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