It's going to be a long post, but I came here before and people entertained some other stuff in the past.

I met a girl online, met up and we fell for each other. We spent two months basically non-stop together. We were both madly in lust with each other and it turned into something real. I drove over 60 extra miles every day to work and back to see her. I lived out of a bag with some regular clothes and work clothes. Through our recklessness she ended up pregnant, I moved in with her.

We lost the pregnancy about four weeks in and that's when hell broke loose. She threw my family out of the apartment and flew her Mom in when complications started to get serious. She refused to let my family and I take her to the ER. She and I were oil and water and every time she wanted to go out I wanted to stay in. Vice versa and basically little things became big issues.

She had a painfully mean way of talking when she was upset. I'd react poorly after being talked to a certain way, only ever raised my voice.

She liked drinking a little too much before and after pregnancy and liked to gamble a little too much. I had a bad temper after awhile and left my job (she encouraged it) because we were trying to re-balance our lives out and I was going to move on to something better. After probably two months of consistently fighting over her wanting to take weekend trips to other states and me trying to live light, she wanted me out. The straw that broke the camels back came when she was insistent that I fly to her home state with her and leave the day of my birthday. She woke up one morning and fought with me when I told her I needed to think about it and wait until after I got home from work.

No matter how hard I tried, she was fixated on her perspective. We had planned a trip to go to Chicago for a Bears game but that trip was cancelled for a different reason. She and I decided to change the trip to see her family in a different state. She cancelled that because of the fighting and I only ever found out after. After trying to fight with me about joining her on the trip she decided she was taking the trip alone and booked the flight to leave in the early AM of my birthday. I was upset but didn't try to stop her.

Now I'm living at home and she asked me to see her still. I visited almost everyday for the week leading up to my birthday. She wanted me to stay the night and practically live there still. I had to almost be rude and walk out so that I could continue trying to get back into my comfort zone. I asked her to stay the night at my place, the day before my birthday. She fought a little bit about it but I insisted because I wasn't going to try and sleep at her place and wake up to empty place that I no longer live in. We were starting to fall for each other again at that point.

While she was in her home state she barely talked to me. The day of my birthday I only got pictures of all the fun things she was getting herself into and a simple birthday text at 11:30pm. I called her the third day into her trip and told her I was hurting pretty bad because none of my family really came around. She fired back with, "Well I guess you could have come with me." The whole situation was bad and the fact that she flew out on my birthday despite having had months ahead to change the time off - she went forward with things her way.

She basically told me tough luck and she doesn't have time to sit around and be sad with me. All I asked for was she show me a little bit of TLC and help me get back on my feet again. We ended up fighting on the phone the night before she flew back over this. Later that night I went to check on her dog which her brother was watching because she saw a bad picture and she thanked me profusely. While I was telling her that the dog was okay I asked if she had thought about anything I said and she basically told me that she didn't know what to do and she wanted to get home to watch the presidential debate.

It's been almost a week since her trip. During which and after she was texting me paragraphs of things negative and positive. "You need to stop being depressed." "You're the love of my life." "I couldn't sleep last night." I haven't sent a text or called. Trying to give her some space to really think. I'm tired of being superman and just going her way. I'm still in love with her despite all of the bad things, most of which were left out of this post. The good times were amazing.

I can't make a decision to just move on right now and am very afraid to break the silence. Just don't want to fall back into the same routine. When we were happy, I can't explain the warmth she brought into my life. She is an amazing woman, but when things went bad it's like she kicked into survival mode and just vented through me. She had move to my area before we met and she was fresh into the area with no friends or job. She was piecing things together and I was there for her every single day despite being at a very labor intensive job I sucked it up drove the extra hour and spent my time with her.

Should I break the silence? Should I break it off? This post is a little chaotic but I'm going through most of the key points that lead to beginning of our separation. What I asked her for was to make an effort since I was tired of always going to her and her never coming to me. I had to go with her plans or she'd just go her own way. She bailed on me when I was at my lowest point and has me wondering. It seems like she misses me though and I don't know if I should still wait longer.

Any time put into this post makes a difference for me. I'm a quiet, lonely guy who has focused on work and family. We've had a rough year and as a byproduct I've had a very rough year. I'm about at my breaking point, I don't remember what it's like to not feel this vice in my chest.

Pending on the advice here, I may follow up with the results. If you guys have any questions I'm here for now. Thanks so much for reading!
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Post in the relationship thread

You will get better responses there.

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Thank you, I'll be watching both threads then. I'll take the jokes and stuff with a grain of salt. This is the internet. lol
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Well fine, I didn't want to share my hilarious jokes here anyways.
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this won't change so I'd move on if I was you (and at one point I was). selfish behavior doesn't often change and this girl is just playing you. be a man and if you must try t stick it out just tell here your way or not at all but present it in a manor that allows some discussion.
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If she's really as venomous as she sounds, I'd tell you to break it off and deal with the withdrawal because she sounds over-controlling and like she expects you to sacrifice everything for her but won't do the same for you.

It's really up to you because I dunno how good the good times were, but if the silence ends then at least make it clear to her that she's taking you for granted and treating you like property.
Dude that sounds like it's gonna end in you having a serious substance abuse problem or suicide.
I don't see any huge problems with either you taking a break or just ending altogether
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