So here is the link for the song and here is the link for the tab file:///Users/Ryan/Downloads/house_of_the_rising_sun_tab%20(1).pdf I have never seen anything like it and I am a little confused can somebody tell me how to read this? Please and thanks.
Your link to the tab doesn't work; you've given the link to the file on your computer. You need to give a link to it on the internet, or upload it as an attachment to your post on here.
What problem do you have reading the tab?
It's pretty straighforward except it also includes the rhythm slashes to indicate the timing. The intro has the couple of quickly picked sixteenths in each bar, then most of the rest of it is 2 groups of 3 notes per bar. Hold the melody notes while you continue picking the chords.
Also you need to be aware that the guy in the video is playing it with a capo at the 3rd fret - ok, he does say that in the video description, so you just need to know that 0 in the tab = 3, 2 = 5 in terms of actual frets played, etc.
In text form :
|0-0-------0-|3-3-------3-|  etc
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NSpen1 Mhm no problem with understanding the capo. I guess I don't really understand the rhythm slashes i'm used to just seeing tab with notes and that's it. Is there any website perhaps where I can learn to read the rhythm slashes. And also the tab doesn't seem long enough for the song which is confusing me as well. Sorry I have been playing guitar for a year and I self teach so I can play fine but my understanding of musical theory is rubbish any help is appreciated.
ok, all you really need to know is that the notes with one line underneath them are eighth notes, and the notes with two lines are sixteenths, which are twice the speed (or half the length) of eighths.

As for the length of the tab, it uses repeats so that means you play all of what he has called sections B and C, take ending 1. , then go back to the start of those sections, play it all again and take ending 2.. After that you're at section D, play that then pause on the note at the 8th fret (bar 35), then go back to section B, repeat all that stuff again, then finally take what should be ending 3. (the final 3 bars in the tab), except that he's written the tab incorrectly.

If you want to know more, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_musical_symbols
and look for eighth and sixteenth notes (the rhythm slashes are a representation of those), and repeats particularly.
Those rhythm symbols predate guitar tab by a lot, btw, and UG's Guitar Pro interface uses the same scheme when "show duration" is on
NSpen1 Okay thanks so much for your help i'm getting the hang of it now! Still at least a month until i'll be able to play it though