Its an ibanez Iceman ICT700 and im including an official hard case fit to the model. It has a bit of wear on the back of its bottom spike but something youd really never see, the volume knob is also a bit wobbly but fully functional. Other than that its in perfect condition. Bought new in ~2012 for £550 with the case ive tried listing it on gumtree and facebook groups for about 400 expecting to negotiate down to about 350. But so far nobody has taken interest. Can someone with experience and knowledge give me a guide on how much this should sell for?
captain obvious to the rescue, but have you tried ebay's completed listings? might be of less use with slightly more obscure guitars like yours (but you never know), but it's still worth a try. and rarity (unless it's so rare that no-one wants it, lol) will probably help you to get a higher price.

also i think it's a buyers' market at the moment unfortunately. so that's probably not helping.
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As with any Asian import guitar a general rule of thumb is half of its new retail value. unless beat to crap then less, Also rarity and popularity come into play, in which case it can be more, But in the end its a matter of what someone is willing to pay for it, In this case your a bit high which is why no one is interested, Why spend 200 more than needed for a used Asian made odd ball looking guitar, The used market is flooded with them and the only ones buying them are wanna be Metal Heads with no money.
Idk what kind of guitar that is or if people look to buy that kind of thing. I could honestly look it up and tell you an accurate price range you should sell it for but you said guide you. Im guessing your smart enough to do your own math. But heres how it works when you sell ANYTHING not just guitars lol

You have to charge 50% or less if the guitar isnt in the best condition, and if its mint condition and you havent even opened the box, its 75% off the retail price.

Expect to get like 40% of the original price. Judging by the number tho. Your looking at getting 200-300.