Probably not exactly the place to ask this, but someone must know the answer here and I don't want to open a user on their dedicated forum just for that.

I'm trying to import a MIDI track so REAPER would play its instruments like any Windows audio player would, using the existing MIDI sound bank.
Some YouTube tutorial (which was for Mac, but I assume this shouldn't be different) showed the person inserting a ReaControlMIDI (Cockos) VST to the track, loading the General MIDI file and then choosing an available MIDI sound. He added some Apple sound synthesizer which I don't have on my Windows installation, but I don't know whether there's any other FX I need to choose. Applying just the ReaControlMIDI doesn't generate any sound, and adding the ReaSynth (Cockos) VSTi just generates simple wave tones and isn't affected by the presence of the RCM VST.

What am I missing?!

Thanks in advance.
Quote by radkins2
I did it just like the instructions and it worked.

What instructions?