So hi there. Know that this is not a psychologist room and that maybe internet is full of this posts but anyway...

I'm kinda stuck musicwise talking.

I study music, but if I do not have a practice class (Guitar lessons, have to play with other people, etc) I very rare will be at my house playing.
And this situation it comes from, easy, 2 years now.

I lost a lot of my practice and confidence to play, if by any chance I grab it, I loose confidence when I can't get around something that used to, get frustrated and keep it again inside the gigbag.

I know, that also, I work in a different stuff, I live on my own with my gf, so a lot of this life gets in the way situation it's happening to me.

But honestly, even though, maybe once a week I try to make time, I get stuck for the lack of practice, so the point being two stuff

These morning a play a couple of hours, and something came back to me, and it was very nice.

If you were in this point, what motivated to you to play again? and then, did you make a practice plan to get better again? how?

Anyway, cheers.
Finding new music and live shows often up my motivation. Even if you have 15 minutes a day to practice, you can still make progress so don't give up. I'd practice real songs if I was you, I'd pick a song a like and learn it all the way properly. If a part would give me trouble, I'd focus on that part in more depth. Learning songs is fun but it's also effective so make sure you're learning new stuff all the time, instead of just drilling exercises.

And yes, I do make plans. I just don't always follow through....
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It's hard to practice for no reason in particular.

Join a band, practice songs for the band.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Yes. I'm about to have a baby, and my current motivation is to learn a ton of old pop songs so I can sing to him.
cujohnston Join a cover band then? You'll have well over 40 by the time your child is born.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Try writing your own tunes or making an album. That's what got me interested in playing again.
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