my name is steven and I have been playing guitar now for ages. since 2 years, I also study the instrument. even though at university I'm used to record with my professional Zoom recorder, I still use my smartphone quite often to record those bits and pieces you wouldn't need a professional recorder for. like in practice or when you're just jamming along with your friends and don't want to miss a nice impro.

that's why I started checking out dozens of different recording apps, to see which one fits my needs. do you have any recommendations for me??? which ones do you use???

however, here's my hitlist for you:

Easy Voice Recorder
This one is probably the most random and also one of the most popular once. Nonetheless, it gives some really good sound for an app!

RecForge II
First, I was a little overwhelmed by this app's endless list of features. Seriously, its crazy! However, what I really liked was the possibility to schedule recordings in advance. now my recordings start right at the beginning of some of my lectures

A weird guy I met at the Oktoberfest in Germany told me about this app. and ever since I have it, I love it! it basically records all the time in the background. so, whenever you hit the button (you can do that from the lockscreen of you phone), it saves only the last minute of audio. this way I grab my precious jazz improvisations, right when they are ripe and don't have to record entire sessions, just in case I'll accidentally come up with something good ;-)
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