Hello, I guess everything is in the title.
I am currently looking for a tube amp in this price range and have considered a lot of different one, those two came on top with their pros and cons, and I would like some advice. I would use it for gigging as well as practice. Both amp are can switch from 20W to 40W ( a plus for distortion at lower volume), but there is very few info on the T40 (Hiwatt, when will you get a marketing department ...)

Dsl40C : Sounds pretty good, has THAT marshall sound on the OD1 channel and surprisingly nice cleans (could turn it into a pedal/one channel amp ?). Maybe too much highs but apparently nothing that a new speaker couldn't tame.

T40 : Impossible to get my hands on one, I can only buy it online. from what I've seen (and heard) very nice cleans, pretty special od channel, like late 70s hard rock, takes pedal very well. I hoped it could get me into a Gilmour/Townshend territory, well the closest you can get with less than £1000.

I've always wanted a Hiwatt type amp for those cleans and the possibility to turn it into a solo machine with pedals, that tone is a monster (again Gilmour/Townshend style, even Page at one point) ! But can the T40 get me there ? I also really like the marshall tone for some Cream era Clapton, Hendrix and all those guys, and at least I tried it.

As I play mostly Blues, rock and classic rock stuff which is better ? Is the T40 worth a shot ?
Thank you
TBH I thought the DSL40C's clean channel was not that great. Okay, but not great. It could definitely use a better speaker/a 2x12 or 4x12. It really needed volume to open up on either channel, but typical Marshall tones are in there.

I am a little confused on the Hiwatt. Its tube layout and "Class A" operating style makes me think it is a VOX-voiced amp, although the DSL40C has the same tube layout too. Hiwatt is something of their own voicing though from what I understand. What I did hear of it from video demos (no hands-on experience) sounded nice, really dig the cleans. The OD channel seems to have a bit more of an oldschool vibe. From what I read, the clean channel is really difficult to break up which is both a good thing for high headroom pedal usage, but for blues you will need a lot of volume to get the amp to break up. It does have a master volume, though.

I cannot find an exact price on the T40. I saw ~$1.1k but I am not confident in that. At that price range I would think the DSL40C (~$500 used) is really out of the question. Also at that price range there are a lot of options.
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Hiwatt probably since their tones have always screamed "quality" but you'll have to chance it.
The Marshall is nice for what it is, midrange to budget versatile all in one, so I recommend it a lot but I don't think it'll have the polish you might be looking for.
Maybe Mesa Stiletto or older Marshall Plexi/Bluesbreaker combo, I think they started reissuing these with ptp soldering but then the price might run up...