Alright so i have stumbled across 2 guitar models, 1 being slightly more expensive than the other. They are the LTD MH-401NT and the LTD MH-1001NT Deluxe. I am not sure which to buy. Is the deluxe model of better build quality? Where are they both made etc etc.

BUT.. the cheaper one (the 401) has a through neck where as the deluxe has a set through neck, also the cheaper one has grover tuners where the more expensive one has esp tuners. Which is better quality overall? Cheers!

The guitars:
Probably built in same factory. Quality should be the same. Basically comes down to the differences, are they worth $100 to you?
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i would go 1001. for me a tonepros bridge weighs heavier than different tuners. tuners on new guitars are not really a factor once you get past the cheap shit. either will be fine.

i haven't had an MH, but i have owned three EC's (400 401 1000) the 400 was better than the 401, i think they swapped factories for the 401. the EC1000 was the nicest of the three, but it wasn't that different than the EC400 aside aesthetics.

play them and see which is best.

i would personally look used. you can find them really cheap used in good shape if you look.
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I would buy the 1001, solely on the fact that the EMG's in it are BBC's...I can finally say I have a BBC.
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I have an EC-1001 and the overall design is really cool - the metalworks pickups and hardware and the really sexy multiple black lined binding. ESP's site doesn't do this binding any justice. Here's a link to a thread I did a while back with some up close pics of the 1001 (and an E-II Eclipse).

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