So I was thinking about my guitar tuning and any alterations I see that could help my playing and stumbled across the idea of all-fourths tuning, E-A-D-G-C-F. I did some research and found all-fourths leads to much simpler and easier scales, but trickier chords and barre chords.

I play in a punk band and mostly just use power chords or the three lowest strings, and don't get a lot of use on the higher strings, G, B and E. I feel like the simpler scale patterns will improve my ability to solo, and the trickier or impossible open and barre chords wouldn't create much of an issue because as I said, I rarely play them.

Are there any issues with this idea that I haven't seen? Have any of you tried this and had success/failures?
If you only play power chords and solo every now and then, sure, knock yourself out. But there is a reason guitar is tuned the way it is As you yourself said, barre chords and open chords become very awkward, basically every chord that has an open first or second string becomes way more trouble than what it is worth. But try it if you want to.
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MusicalFruitIf you just don't care about using 6-string barre chords (including where the nut makes the barre for you), then go for it. But if you get used to this and play with other guitarists, and you need to look at the other guitarist's hands to figure what is happening, you will mighty confused, I suspect. You'd do better sticking with standard tuning.