I am having trouble in deciding which MIDI KEYBOARD to buy. While I have narrowed my choice down to this two piece.

I) M-Audoi Oxygen 49 IV
II) Novation Launchkey 49 MK II

Basically I will be using it to create drum tracks and background music for guitar/ songs. I am a newbie when it comes to key but I feel I will be needing basics key functions while recording. Therefore, would like to hear your views on these two rigs, regarding its response, functions and duribility. Thanks !!
Yeah even I am leaning towards M-Audio but after going through mixed reviews over the net I was bit concerned.
How is its build quality and functions?
Is it enough for a semi-pro recording/gig?
FTR I am getting the Novation at lower price than M-Audio.
Honestly these at $100-$150 are not that well built and that's not unexpected. Plastic, cheap knobs, etc., if you go up to $300-$400 range you might see better.
Performance - it could hold up but prepare to replace it, these are more of a desk jockey type of thing.
I have a friend that writes whole symphonies and orchestral arrangements on the IK controller like mine. The M-Audio maybe is tad sturdier.
Mine (the IK) survived several drops and took a few trips but it doesn't feel sturdy like my Fatar controller.
We have the iRig, like I said, at this price the software packages are more important as they're all close to toys.