So I know various iterations of this question have been asked many times before, but this has a couple nuances, and there have been new amps since the older questions were asked.

I'm looking for an amp that has a moderate level of distortion (nothing over-the-top; think JCM800) that I can push with an OD/Distortion pedal that is between 50-100 watts. I know it's a lot to ask, but it would be nice if the power output could be switched (or could be modded to be switchable) so as to always be pushing the tubes regardless of volume.

The ability to be able to hot-rod it with some mods down the road would also be nice.

I'd prefer 2 channels, but I could always go with 1 channel and A/B a different amp for cleans.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Whereabouts are you located? I occasionally spot used JCM 900 and DSL heads in that range. Those would be good options at the upper tier of your budget, for a 2 channel Marshall head, if that's the sound you're after.

If you want more of a JCM 800/more vintage tone, you could look into a used Peavey Windsor or VTM head. Those are single channel, however.

Amps with power reduction are probably rather scarce without spending some more. Best bet would probably either be to go w/a small amp instead, or pick up an attenuator down the road, if it's that important.
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I second the PEavey VTM 60. Not switchable but an excellent mid-high gain amp. I believe the Valveking also has gain similar to the JCM800 and is switchable, though I've never played through one so I could be wrong about it gain capabilities.

I'm on the look out for a decently prices VTM 60 my self. Wish I never got rid of mine.

The Peavey XXL is a SS amp option. It's 3 channels with 3 separate voices per channel. It's a little dark for me so I sold mine but a lot of people like that sound. It's an excellent amp for low to high gain, VERY versatile, and can be switch between 25/50/100 watts. You can also pick these up for next to nothing. I just sold mine for $200 and you can probably get them cheaper. Only reason I sold it was I had no need for it. It's Transtube so it as close to a tube sound as you'll get from an SS amp, but the Transtube amps have more of a sound of their own.
Used Jet City JCA100H if you are located in the states and don't mind buying used. JCA50H can also be found used on occasion.
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The first thing that comes to mind is a Peavey Valveking, basically right where you want to be dirt wise, two channels, a ton of mods out there for it and used it would be well under your budget. If you were to find a newer version 2 VK it would cost a bit more than a version 1 but would also come with adjustable power output, DI out with speaker emulation and USB out, - not sure if there are as many mods for the Ver 2 series as the original though.

Another you could grab, used (because its no longer in production) and fairly cheap would be an Epiphone So Cal 50 head. Two channel EL34 amp, adjustable power 50/25 watts. I'm not sure about mods but the dirt is great for mid/light blues to rock and can be pushed, but I wouldn't recommend if you want to do metal on the dirt channel. These amps kind of flew under the radar and where fairly short lived production wise but are quite solid - the Epi Valve Jrs kind of stole the spot light.

Also worth checking out would be the Traynor YCS50 or YCS100, everything you are looking for except again I don't know if there are mods out there for them.
i wouldn't worry about the power scaling. you will never hit power tube distortion in real life even at 20watts. half power is -3db. not a whole lot.

as far as amps go, you could stay way under budget and get a peavey valveking. i just got one with the intentions to mod. you could possibly get one <$200.

there is a large amount of info on modding out there. i will be ordering the parts for mine one of these days. should be fun.
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