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I have TabPro monthly subscription, no complaints
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I have TabPro monthly subscription, and i've had problems similar like this
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I have TabPro Lifetime subscription, and i've had problems similar like this
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I don't have TabPro, but i've had problems like this with UltimateGuitar.com
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Hi. I'm new to this forum, in fact today if the first time i bought ultimateguitar app from Play Store.
You know, it was only 3$ so why not. But i want to share what i went through around these, which i have numerous feelings against.

So i wanted some chords from a song, and Google sent me to Ultimateguitar.com first.
I was at phone, and it said that it works better with the app, and then sent me to Play Store.
In Playstore it said it costs 2.99$ and i thought why not and then bought it.
When i first launched the app, it asked if i was a student, which i selected yes. After that it offered me a Upgrade for only, what 7, 8 dollars?
I selected no, and then searched the Tab i was originally meant to look for.

Then after a while it offered me upgrade again. It said ' the only chance to get something % off the full version'
I checked how much and it was around 7$. I thought 10$ is not bad ( 3$+ 7$ ) if you just leave me alone with these upgrades!!
So i bought the upgrade, and it did not bother me anymore with ads etc. I found cool tabs, even the one i was looking for (ofc)

I wanted sounds out of it, so i tried to click Play with tab pro and Boom! What? I have to pay for another app? I thought i had the full version!
I considered very hard, and then decided to try the FREE Trial for 7 days. I filled my information, and then i had the free trial for 7 days.
I tried it and played the couple Tabs with it. Then after some time window appears on my screen saying: " Upgrade to Full version of Tab Pro with -70% "
When i selected the trial, i checked the prices. The Lifetime premium was 35.90$. I thought that 36$ - 70% is not bad, in fact it's around 10 dollars. I pressed the Green ok button to see how much it was really. It took a while and then the free trial button disappeared from my account. It said i had the premium. I went to my bank account, it had billed me 47 EUROS, without any confirmation!

I quickly searched for solution for cancelling the premium and found some.

When i was at the screen where they asked "how much would you pay for this app" The customer info instructed to put there ' 0 ' and then continue with the cancelling. But i was curious and i put it 10, since that was the amout i could have payed (instead of 50e ), and clicked ok. Then window appears saying: Approved! 39.99$ will be sent to your bank account in 4 days!

I was like, uhm what? I then went to the account page, and tried to cancel it completely, but it's redirecting to different location than before!

I was kinda shocked. They misleaded me to buying their product for 50 dollars, after offernig -70%. And when cancelling they agree for 10$ ?
After that you cannot - atleast i couldnt find a way - to cancel it completely.

Seems weird doesn't it?

I think it's absurd that after buying their product they just offer new stuff and trying to milk every dollar of their customers.

Well, like i said i'm okay with 10$. 10$ from tabpro lifetime premium, and other 10$ from ultimate guitar full version.

I really hope they will send me the 39.99$ . If they dont, i will obviously contact their customer support, and probably cancel every purchase i can, if any.

I wouldn't want to support any company or service that will not only treat their customers like shit, but also doing misleading advertising and fishy actions.
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Quote by zappp
emad I'm gonna ban you, seriously.
Please let me explain how the “save 70%” offer works.
That 70% are calculated as follows: average 1 month subscriber uses Tab Pro for 2 years and spends a lot of money.
By purchasing Lifetime up to 70% of that money can be saved.

Actually the regular price for the Lifetime membership is $49.99 USD. 
You may have seen the price $35.90 for Lifetime membership on the subscription plan layout.  
The thing is that you pay $35.90 only in case you don't start the free trial and go for Lifetime straight away. 
However you took free trial first and so you lost the so called "Welcome bonus offer" and got charged full price in amount of $49.99 USD

We certainly provide an option to get full refund through our website. Here's the detailed instruction ---> http://support.ultimate-guitar.com/knowledgebase/articles/514232-how-do-i-get-refund-for-tab-pro
We also provide an opportunity to state the price you're ready to pay for the service. You did successfully take advantage of it and $39.99 must have already returned to you (The processing of the refund may take 1-3 business days).

As to the apps for Android there are 2 different apps.
1. Tabs&Chords ($2.99 for basic + $9.99 for all in-apps). This app doesn't give you access to Tab Pro website. Though you can restore it on other android devices of course.
2. Tab pro app -- subscription based model which gives you access to Tab Pro app (Android AND iOS) and Tab Pro website.
These 2 apps are really different.

Our support service responds to all billing issues within 24 hours if you write an email to us.

Ultimate Guitar official Support Portal
If you create a ticket by contacting the Support Team directly at forum-support[@]ultimate-guitar.com you'll receive a personal answer by email within 24 hours.

UG Support
I have read your answer, and I think i understand now. I got the 39.99USD too so thank for you for that. I may have overreacted a bit, but i gotta say, i was really confused how fast the transactions happened and how you kept offering new stuff over and over again. ( even after paying )

I feel like you could do this in a much better way! Like maybe raise the price a bit, and when purchased never offer anything again? You could also let us inspect the 'offers' first ( Like the -70% ) and not just immediatly charge the amount when pressed ok. Also, since you accepted the 10$ instead of 50 ( ! ), why keep the prices that high in the first place? And you know, all that 'offering' and advertising is really, really annoying and it is giving bad credit for the service ( I'm not the only one complaining trust me)
I understand that sort of action for Free users, and users that haven't payed for the service. But the paying users?
No, please don't.

Regards, me
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