I'm writing this post to hopefully get some help on how to adjust my new guitar I've bought.
First off, this is the guitar I bought: https://www.thomann.de/gb/luna_guitars_apollo_paradise.htm#bewertung

As soon as I had it I noticed the strings were little rusted on the bottom where the balls are, so I decided to change the strings, as I never use stock strings anyway. I started with the cutting and as soon as I put off all of them a piece if metal fell of, witch kinda alarmed me but then I noticed that this guitar is just build in such way I never really stumbled upon, and after I put new strings (09's Silky Cobalt) on and everything was nice and stuff, as I though, everything just went down quickly. I must have fiddled with the screws a little too much on the bridge parts and part holding the string balls (I was simply putting little grease on the screws as there was little rust in few small spots, nothing alarming though). So after I tuned up, and the G string was weird to me as it was in tune apparently but it seemed way more loose than the other strings. After a while I just noticed that everything was off, the intonation, the action and I even noticed after a while that the trust rod might be off as the strings were little far to the frets (I put the clip on 1st fret and checked with the card method).

I need some help, as to what to do first and what's wrong with the G string etc.
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are you sure your G string is tuned to proper pitch. I mean it could be a whole octave down which would account for the tuner saying it's in tune but the string is way loose. you may have to have a tech set it up if you do't know what you are doing.

Thx to this vid:
I managed to tune everything as it should be, apart for the G string, it still is annoying as it was, I'm going to order new set of strings this time regular not .09's and I'll change the G string for a thicker one, hopefully this will help the cause, as there was no problem with buzzing on the stock strings witch were .10's. It could be also just faulty made string too, but you never know.

Only thing I didn't see in the vid is the adjustment of the back thing that holds the strings and can be lowered or heightened, but its not on the guitar the guy uses, only on my one. can anyone help and say how it should be adjusted?