I bought my beautiful Rust in Peace in a GuitarCenter back in 09's. But the things is that I want to switch Its original ma DM LiveWire Pick Ups for a brand new pack of EMG 81 and 85.

Could this mod be done? Has anyone Tried before?

Also, is there Any differences at all between the Zakk Wylde EMGs and the Standard Ones?

Thanks in advance guys
well yes you can swap out pickups if you wish. any reason you think it would be an issue? check with EMG's website to see what the specs are for the ZW set vs the regular one.
I'm pretty sure the ZW set is just an 81/85 set in a box with his picture on it, and I think you get a few ZW picks in the pack, they also come with both long and short shaft pots, but since you already have active pickups you don't need to change the pots.