I have a Jazzmaster that I thought was sounding really good, and I wanted to slightly adjust the pickup poles, but after I plugged the guitar back in, I knew something got jacked up. It just sounds REALLY tinny. There's no bass in it and the tone knob seems to not be doing much of anything.

My assumption is that the wire connecting the pickup to the tone knob got knocked loose when I was putting pressure on the pickup. It also affected the neck pickup, so I don't know...

Anyone ever encounter this?

Please and thank you.
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I don't know of any Jazzmaster (or anything else, really) where there's a wire directly from each pickup to the tone pot - generally tone knobs are connected to the volume pot, so I don't think your theory is very likely here. I'd say take a look under the pickguard and see if everything's kosher in there, but if you were adjusting the polepieces and after you did that it started sounding bad, I have to say I think the most likely problem is something you adjusted. What model is it? Are the pickups just standard Jazzmaster singlecoils?
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K33nbl4d3 Modded out Classic Player. Stock pups. It was the oddest thing that I turned them... took some pressure but not a lethal amount, and then it just came out sounding wretched. It affected the whole guitar sound too
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