So i'm considering purchasing an LTD MH-1001NT but am worried about something appearance wise of the guitar, the back of the guitar and the back of the neck don't seem to be the same color in pictures i've seen online and that bothers me as someone with bad OCD (lol). If anyone has one of these guitars could they please let me know if there is an extreme difference in the back of the neck and the back of the body? Is the body darker bla bla bla...

Also are set through necks any good? Why not just make it a through neck in the first place... Cheers!
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I dunno what pictures you are looking at, but the ones i am seeing, show the same color on the neck and on the body. It should be the same, since its all sprayed at the same time. Maybe you are just confused because the neck is glossy, so there are some reflections going on on curved surfaces like the neck. Or maybe its becuase different wood is used, so the grain isnt 100% the same.

As far as set thru neck go, as far as i understand its some kind of elongated set neck, so it goes further into the body as a standard set neck. It should be just as good as any other neck joint.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
A friend of mine owns one and the back of the body, back of the neck, headstock and top are all uniform in color.

It's a great guitar, certainly for the price you can get them at used.
I K0nijn I i can get a brand new one in store fore 900 usd, is that worth or should i still find a used one?
I think they're too common to buy new, to be honest. My friend got his for half the new price in mint condition.
So I have a EC-1001 and an E-II Eclipse. I did a comparison thread on them a while back and there's one pic of the backs. Black one is the 1001, Graphic front / red back is the E-II.

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