So heres a bit of a challenge, I've been learning Jazz recently, and because of that I've been experimenting with picks. I have about 4 "Jazz" Picks, the small thick Nylon ones, my problem with these is I have a neurological disability, so holding onto these teeny picks is a bit of a challenge. I have one pick that I really like, it's the same shape as a jazz pick, but closer to the size of a standard pick. Any logo it may have had has rubbed off, which is rough because I want to buy a pack of them in case I lose the only one I have. Theres a picture of it below compared to 4 jazz picks and a normal pick, if anyone can tell me the brand I'd really appreciate it. Even if it isn't the exact same pick, but similar in size and shape, that'd be good enough for me. Thanks in advance!
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teleobrien Looks like a Dunlop Tortex Jazz III XL possibly. Can't find them on musicians friend or guitar center online, but they seem to be available on other smaller web stores and Amazon.
If you got the original in store, check the place you but your picks from normally.

Looks like blue is the 1mm version.

Also looks like they have nylon and maybe a couple others available too.
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Thanks man! I felt like they were Tortex cuz of the feel and color, but the smaller Tortex Jazz i had made me think it may have been something else, Ill order these off amazon and see if they match up, and even if they don't its only 6$, plus I love buying picks. Even if I don't ever use them (I have about 5 I rotate through out of 60 or 70 I keep with my equipment) I still like to have them