Okay. So context dramatically changes the sound of chords with how they resolve, tension, etc. But let's forget that for a second. We're going to talk chords on their own. What are some chord types or specific chord voicings that you love? I love add9 chords (or 2 chords as some people apparently call them) because they sound like a sunrise or something. I also love 6 chords (why aren't they called add13 for consistency?).

Now, there are no particular voicings that I love on guitar for these chords. Just nothing seems to be adequate for me. Since I play a far more sophisticated instrument (steel guitar), my instrument has excellent potential for a basic 1-9-3-5-1 or (1)-3-5-6-1-(3) voicing for these chords rather than some silly out of order voicing that guitarists are forced to use. It's kind of like on piano how you can do those clustery type chords without having to do crazy inversions and skipping notes in weird orders.

What are some chords you love? maj7? 7b5? By the way, this thread was inspired by the thread on 11th chords. I am not fond of any 11th chords or those 7sus4 chords that don't need to resolve. No offense to anyone that likes those chords.
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Obvious troll thread is obvious. Probably gonna close it.
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