I wrote the music for this a few years ago. My main songwriting partner Jeremy wrote the lyrics, sang a bit of back ups and has some gutiar low in the mix, but he's at sea right now so he doesn't appear in the video. Nate sang lead and plays bass on the track. We're a DIY bunch so you'll probably be able to tell from the overall quality of the video/audio. In any case I'm happy with it for what it is but I'm always interested in the UG communities opinion so have at it.


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Pretty cool. It has sort of a live performance feel if you know what I mean. The mix could be better, but thats not to say its really bad, its quite good. Its hard to mic up a kit and get a great drum sound, props to you for keeping it real with the drums. I stick to ez drummer because of the cost of micing up a real kit.
Assuming that most or all of it was recording live, it sounds pretty good. I know from experience that recording real drums is difficult (I'm not a real drummer), but I've recorded others. I know it's more fun to play in a band all at once, though you could probably get better audio quality if everything was recorded separately, and the drummer was playing triggers that set off drum software. The song is pleasant, people are playing well, and the singer is reasonably good. That orthodontics work turned out well. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

Hey, thanks for the crit! Now, your song:
Nice intro. I think the bass is a bit too loud, and you should bring up the guitar a bit. Sounds a bit back in the mix.
The vocals are ok, but I really think they would sound way better with a proper mix. Same goes with the backup vocals. Maybe add a bit reverb to make the sound a bit fuller.
Like the overall feel of this song, but it gets quite repetive after a way. Maybe try to vary the dynamics a bit more.
Keep it up, man