Help needed! How do I record Guitars with just a Peavey vypyr 75W and a PC???

I have been playing guitar for a while now and I am still completely illiterate when it comes to anything to do with recording and stuff, I just plug my guitar in and play. Over the years I have accumulated so many riffs in my library which are recorded with a phone or desktop mic and I think it's about time to step things up a notch.

I would like to know how to directly record my guitars using the Peavey vypyr 75W amplifier and my PC without any extra gadgets like audio interfaces. Purchasing new items is (temporarily) out of the question, apart from maybe a cheap cable or two, as I have been unemployed and struggling to find a job for ages and playing guitar is what kept me sane through this rough patch and it deserves this extra bit of effort from my side. Many people on videos and forums have said it is possible but i just can't find a way to make it work.

I have Audacity and also Reaper (I use drumkit from hell to make simple, repetitive metal beats with mouse clicks lol). My PC sound card has a the blue line out or in, whatever it is. The amplifier has a USB port, auxiliary, and headphones port. Due to an accident involving cables being violently pulled out of the port, my PC's stereo and mic ports are faulty. To fix this I bought a cheap USB sound card just to plug in my headphones and mic to the PC again. That is basically my rig. Please help me out with this because I have been busting my brain trying to figure this out.

Here are 3 pictures for reference:

PC Sound card
Peavey Vypyr Inputs
USB audio adapter

Thanks in advance

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If you're not miking it, doesn't it have a USB output? I'm not personally familiar with the amplifier, but you can probably record like that and digitally add cabinet simulation on your computer, which makes it sound like it was recorded from a speaker. Perhaps the amp also has its own cabinet simulator for its output, I don't know.
The Vypyr has a USB output, just plug the USB from the amp to the computer, open reaper, and voila!
Mr. Cachi I will buy a cable tomorrow and try it out. I hope reaper will detect the guitar input properly when i record my playing because I have a feeling that will come with its own complications like latency or feedback, but you never know until you try! Thanks
No problem, I own one of those, never had an issue with the DI recording. You will have to monitor yourself through the headphone out though
I am not sure if Vypur has USB audio output, check manual if you can. That'd be the best way to record, if that doesn't work then you'll have to take the signal from the headphone out probably and feed that into the line in on your audio interface. You might need to get ASIO driver, maybe try ASIO4ALL which are free drivers that will probably work with your interface...or just buy better audio interface as prices have dropped, you can probably find decent used interface about $30 or so.