Hey all,
So first off, learning guitar visually doesn't make THAT much sense, I get that. It's a motor skill and like all motor skills it must be practiced to really stick.
The reason I ask this question is because I've made a 'Magic Mirror' ( https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/magic-mirror/ ) for my house and I am looking into developing some apps(modules) to display on my mirror.
I am a bit new to guitar and so I figured a creating a little guitar app would be a fun project to not only brush up on my programming skills, but also to help me ease into guitar a little better.
At the moment I have a little app that cycles through images of chords. I was thinking of also including a diagram of the Circle of 5th's.
Does anyone with maybe more guitar experience than me have any other suggestions? There aren't really any limits to what I can program onto my mirror (minus touchscreen) so I'm open to all ideas
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I could see it being a thing where it will show your chords or tabs you're trying to learn on the mirror. Maybe you could have like, a virtual fretboard in the mirror that can almost lay on top of the reflection of your fretboard to show where the chords would be and maybe alternate chord shapes to help.
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H4T3BR33D3R I like this. I'm thinking the full fret board to show a chord in various positions along the fretboard, and possibly the power chord equivalent. It really throws me off when i'm learning a punk song that displays the chords as regular chords instead of the power chord version.

The 4th tuning is beyond my skill level. While I like the idea, it would take a lot for me to relearn what I know on new strings.