So, I have been playing guitar for the last 5-6 years. Mostly self-taught. I used to get a lot of practice when I started off, which gradually came down. Then again, until about six-months ago I was playing with a band regularly for about a couple of years, which again gave me a lot of practice.

Recently, I realised that I have been mostly moving towards random noodling / improvisation rather than solid practice or trying to learn whole songs when I get down to spend time with my guitar. This mostly started around the time I got into learning modal theory.

I often get confused whether to focus on technique, or composition. I used to play almost exclusively blues and classic rock when I started off, and only got into progressive rock and metal recently. I never really focused seriously on improving my technique, and hence am still on a very basic level with it.

More recently, I have been trying to work on my speed (alternate picking) and also a bit of sweeping, and have been having a very hard time with it. I tried practicing with a metronome, but I feel that the fact that I wasn't really able to be regular with my practice sessions hindered my progress. I know it's no excuse, but my school really doesn't give me a lot of time to practice.

But enough is enough. I am resolving to be more dedicated towards practising. I have been using Ultimate Guitar for a variety of purposes for a very long time now, but I thought I could really use the community's support and guidance at this point. Any ideas / suggestions / critique will be most helpful.

To being a better guitarist!

P.S. I play a Schecter Hellraiser through a Blackstar HT5. Yeah, pretty overkill for blues/ classic rock. But I had some money left over from my last job.