Would you play it index middle pinky or index ring pinky. I kinda feel more comfortable playing it index ring pinky but is it better in the long run to exercise it and similar phrases with index middle pinky? I wanna be able to do those long stretching stuff and for example i see Shawn Lane doing his diminished runs with his middle finger. tips appreciated

Edit: the tab went to shit so i uploaded an image
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You've answered your own question, really. Do it with whatever fingering is most comfortable for you. If you come across something that requires it to be done differently, then you can worry about it.

For instance, something like:

Is probably done using the index, ring, and pinky fingers for most people, but I prefer to use my middle for that instead. I have much greater reach between my index and middle than my ring and pinky. I switch to using my ring finger as I get higher up the neck.
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Sometimes it even depends on your guitar. I tried that on my Strat and middle finger felt better, then when I tried it on my Ibanez RG it felt pretty nice with the pinky.