I need to learn this song for jazz band, but I have trouble with music notation. I know I should just learn how to read, but I need to learn it fast. Could someone please help me out and tab the bass part from "Birdland" by Joseph Zawinul from the video linked below.
Neckwringer Thanks, but that's the original composition the piece that I need to learn is a different arrangement.
You can do it yourself if you can find a copy that's not too blurry.
open E starts with a line below the first line on the bass cleff. From there it alternates in alphabetical order. f g a b c d e f g etc. 1st octave, 2nd etc. Open G is the 2nd octave and the top space on the cleff. Go buy a bass learning book at your local music store by Hal Leonard & others. I have one from Aflreds that is really good called Max Bass. Guitar Center has the Ultimate Guitar book bass bonanza that has tabs and standard notation to help you learn. Do a google search. Information is readily available if you seek it.