Also, it would be helpful if you could provide the lyrics to the song
Since there aren't any I can find on the Internet....

You may also want to put this in the TABS REQUESTED section which you can find on
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DON CZARSKI I couldn't transcribe to text because english is my second language, and i can't hear discerne some words in the song. If you have a account in spotify, you could hear it yourself.

Thank you.
Here are the lyrics:

If you want to meet me come on down

If you want to see me on the town

I will bring some of my mistakes

And you will bring a smile right to my face

How am I going to find you in the crowd?

You going to wear an outfit that's so damn loud

You could put the peacocks all to shame

I'll try to find a shirt that's got no stains

You go window shopping down the lane

Me, I'm always singing in the rain

Someone threw a kiss off the balcony

Someone else is bended on one knee

Why don't we go drink up all these lights

There's no place that I'd rather be tonight

There's an angel appearing in a small cafe

You make me feel like I might float away

Oohh Oohh Yeah

Oohh Oohh Yeah

Oohh Yeah
Thanks for the lyrics... I will do this today and post it here and submit the chord tab when done...