This thread has probably been done before.

What's your opinion on bassist who sing (lead or background)?

Do you think bassist should just stick to the bass?

Do you ug bassist sing?

Do bassist dumb down their bass lines if they sing?

Who's your favorite bassist who sings?
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Unless you've got your instrument in your mouth, you should be able to sing. IOW, sax players don't usually sing. But bass players, drummers, keyboardists, guitarists can all sing. Why not? If drummers, keyboardists and guitarists can all sing and play, why should bass players need to "dumb down" their bass lines?
I sing back up in one of my bands, because that's where my voice fits best, not because I play bass. But that being said, having played guitar and sang vs. playing bass and singing, playing a rhythm instrument (drums and bass) is more difficult since your vocals are generally not locked with with you are playing rhythmically. If you listen to some bass players who sing, they generally sing over a rhythmic groove rather than a complicated solo etc.

Singing and playing bass generally requires one of the two to become something you do without thinking about it, and its usually the bass playing. The best recommendation I received from a player was to practice the bass line first, then "talk" the song over the bass line, eventually moving to singing.

Agree with Anarkee - not much I can add. Regarding my favorite bassist who sings: Geddy Lee. Not only does he play complicated bass lines while singing, he also plays synth pedals with his feet at the same time.
I have great difficulty playing and singing at the same time. I used to feel bad about that, but then discovered that Blues legend B.B. King couldn't do it, either. Suddenly, I didn't feel so bad.

If the best singer in the band is the bassist, then it stands to reason that the bassist should sing. Where would Cream or Thin Lizzy or Rush be without thier singing bassists?
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McCartney. Sting. Soooo many others.

Yeah there's a shit ton. Just wanted some opinions.

Thanks everyone.
I just want to know that I did all I could with what I was given.
How in God's name Geddy Lee can sing over the tempo and bass complexity of The Analog Kid has mystified me for years, but he does it!

"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
Generally, the more complex and difficult a musical skill is, the more respect I have for the performer. Bassists who can lay down a killer low end while singing add an extra layer to their skill, simply because it's usually harder to sing over a bass line than a chord progression. That being said, if singing affects your playing or vice versa, it should probably be avoided until you have enough practice to do both.

Suzi Quatro sang and danced while playing bass.
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Suzi Quatro sang and danced while playing bass.

She was a physical marvel in a lot of ways.