I can't really get behind all this drum sampling anymore. Especially from non drummers, So I'll try to ignore them even with how exaggerated they are. When you're riffing within your rhythm patterns it's got some good little parts but overall there isn't much going on that we haven't heard many times before. That being said, it's not a complete song so of course it ain't going to have the dynamics that make a song unique.

Thoughts on my track perhaps?
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Nice guitar tone! Fits the song well. Not a big fan of the drums, they sound a bit off at times. You should try so syncronize them a bit more with the guitar. Sounds like you have a couple of kick drum beats too many
The bass sounds a bit off in the beginning, but ok during rest of the song.
I think you got some really cool ideas here, really diggin' the main riff! You shoud try to throw in an over the top solo as well

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