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FG800 @280$
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FG650ms @200$
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Hi , this is my second post. UG community helped me buy Yamaha f310. Big thanks
I'm gonna buy another for my cousin and this time a solid top from Yamaha.

I'm getting newer FG800 @ 280$ and FG650ms @200$

1) FG800 , does it worth the extra $80?

2)If I cannot make a budget for fg800, how is fg650ms compared to it ?

3)what is the difference between these two?

Thank you
In the US, the FG-800 is worth $200.00 USD, and the F-650 is unavailable. I guess that doesn't really answer your question, but it's pretty much all I have to work with.
As near a I can figure out, the "FG-800", is this year's model of the "FG-700". The FG-200 was blown out by our music stores last year, (? I think), in preparation for the FG-800's arrival.
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Captaincranky thank you for your response. I know prices are odd here and if FG800 was available at 200$ here I would have totally gone for it without thinking twice.
keshavnagpal Well,from wat I can figure out, there really isn't much difference between the two. The F-650 has a solid top, same as the FG-800. I think it may be a question of "availability". Yamaha is calling the FG-650 , "Limited Edition". the low price you're getting on the FG-650 may be because the, "limited edition", has been, "discontinued".

As I understand it, Yamaha makes as good as, or better than, low priced guitars s most manufactrers. You choice may cm down to something as simple as what you can afford.

Product availability is typically different in different parts of the world.

Also keep in mind, Yamaha's FG-700 was $170.00 USD, as soon as it was known the FG-800 was going to be released. (And I apologize for the mistake in model number I made about the "FG-700" in my 1st post, which I have corrected).