Still learning to play guitar (rock and blues) and am using a Boss RC1 looper, so I can put basic chords in and play or experiment with the rythmn in the background.

But the RC1 stores only one loop with overdub. So every time I want to learn a new tune, I wipe out the old and put in the new. If I want to learn faster, I need to save at least a few different loops.

I am not ready to gig yet so budget is about €200 (I'm in France) which is about $220. I don't mind used.

Suggestions gratefully received.
There are a great many to choose from. The only one I have experience with is the Line 6 JM4, but it probably does everything you want and a great deal more. DigiTech's JML2 has 99 memories, so that should keep you plenty busy. It also takes an expansion card for even more.
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Check out the Jamman solo xt. I have it and it's really nice. 199 slots, good sound, and metronomes and drum machine.
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Also take a look at the Digitech Trio+, which is a looper that generates a backing track of drums and bass, in the key of what you play, in 12 different genres, 12 styles within each.

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