So after a lot of research I decided to buy a bugera 6262 combo for band practice and from listening to all the videos and going and trying it out myself it sounded great. The cleans sound really good contrary to what many people were saying about them (imo) but when I play on lead channel it sounds very fuzzy and un clear. Is this because I've just been playing it at bedroom level? I haven't had much of a chance to run it on high volume yet because I don't have practice until next week but should cranking the volume help this? Is there any settings I can dial in to make it a bit more suitable at low volumes? If not I mean it's no biggie I have my peavey Vypyr for bedroom practice. Tbh the problem is probably me just not used to dialing in tones on powerful tubes. Could something be broke in it? I apologies if I can't respond to anyone. Every time I try to reply I get an error message.
Set tone controls at 12 o'clock, set gain to zero, and master volume to 12 o'clock. Now slowly turn up the gain. Is it still fuzzy? Probably not an amp problem but just a "learn how to use the tool" problem. "Fuzzy" usually means too much gain too soon.
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^ yeah. and if it's too fuzzy, turn the bass down. Another option is to buy an overdrive pedal to boost it- that'll cut the bass and tighten things up and helps a lot with saturation at home volumes. A cheaper tubescreamer clone or boss sd1 (or cheaper clone) will do the job without breaking the bank. EDIT: if it's really fuzzy it could also be a dodgy tube.
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Dave_Mc has it right with an overdrive. Since that amp is based on a 6505+ turning down the gain on the amp a bit and boosting with an od should help.
You may also not be pushing the speaker enough, so it isn't responding the way it should
+1 to the OD.

Also the tubes in there are not likely doing any favors.
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As stated, the 6262 is basically a poor excuse for a 6505+ clone. (I may have added to that)

First step is to make sure you've adjusted your eq properly. 2nd is to give it some proper tubes, this moat likely where your poor sound is coming from.

If this fails, sell and buy a 6505+ and change out the factory tubes. I really liked mine when I got it, but liked it even more after finding the "perfect" (for me) tube combo.
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If you are using the Lead / red channel try the gain around 2. Is it still fizzy?
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Replace the tubes. They're trash in the Bugeras stock.

You'll also want to replace the speakers with V30's.
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