Whoa, this is really good. You've captured the sound perfectly!
It kind of reminds me of The Shadows.
Love the tremolo. I'm a big fan of Western and Spanish/Latin rock. Those drums have a little too much attack on them for my taste recording but you got a good thing going with the reverb on it. Your tones are beautiful with the guitars and everything sits well in the the mix. I'd only prefer to hear the bass a little more. Very refreshing track to hear. I appreciate your use of restraint with the Gain. Great stuff. I'm following you now on SC.

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This is sick. Have you heard Alex Skolnick's song western Sabbath stomp. This has a very similar vibe. I love everything about this. Are you using EZ Drummer? I think I've used that beat before.

Thanks man!
Haven't heard that song from Alex Skolnick, but I'm gonna check it out. I'm actually going to see Alex Skolnick trio next year, looking forward to that
Yeah, thats correct. Ez drummer it is
Hey there! Nice song! It's definitely got an awesome western vibe to it..great guitar tone and playing too Especially the guitar solo that starts from 2:07 is awesome!

Great job on writing, excellent playing. I've always loved the surf inspired sound. Appropriate tones. Enjoyable listen.
Thank you for the reviews! Now your tune. I have had a number of my surf or surf-ish songs get radio play. I hear the Dick Dale influence at times (I have met him after he played a concert). You certainly have the surf sound happening. What gear do you use for the surf sound (guitar, amp-modelling, and/or amp)? Nice guitar playing once again. Everything on the song sounds very good! I still get a kick that a dude from Norway would be into surf rock. Some tasty spaghetti!
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Loving the guitar effects sounds. Mix is close to spot on, could maybe do with drums up a little, and guitar down just a smidge. The guitar playing is exceedingly good ! Cant really add more, its a very well put together and polished song. Well done.


Sweet vibe, as per everyone else - you did a great job capturing the western (and a bit of surf) sound. Guitar tone is nice - soft or real amp? All the guitar parts are cool and well executed, enjoyed the solo - the bit starting at 2:07 reminded me of the music they play before a duel in a western movie, ha. Bass and drums felt a bit straight forward (although it helps keep the focus on the guitar), but maybe there's room for experimentation there if you ever work on it again. Overall, nice writing, playing, and production. Rock on.
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Sweet vibe, as per everyone else - you did a great job capturing the western (and a bit of surf) sound. Guitar tone is nice - soft or real amp? All the guitar parts are cool and well executed, enjoyed the solo - the bit starting at 2:07 reminded me of the music they play before a duel in a western movie, ha. Bass and drums felt a bit straight forward (although it helps keep the focus on the guitar), but maybe there's room for experimentation there if you ever work on it again. Overall, nice writing, playing, and production. Rock on.

The sound is coming from my Chapman Cap10 plugged into a Line 6 UX1 interface.
That certainly did what you described. Love all that tremolo & vibrato stuff. Quite Shadows-esque at times.
Just thought that the lead tone around 2:10 coulda been a touch more mellow. Pretty slick.
Thanks for the crit
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Hey, thanks for the feedback! Returning the favor:

Guitar tone and playing is excellent. Someone else suggested drums up in the mix but given that you're using EZ Drummer I wouldn't, actually. As is they fulfill their purpose and don't draw attention away from the main melodic ideas. I use "fake" drums too- not digging on that, I just don't see a point in accentuating a supporting sound over the creative elements. Might be interesting to hear you work with a real drummer!
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Thanks for the detailed response!
Very interesting track you posted. I love hearing stuff like this that is different from the "guitar standards" these days that we have all grown to hate. =]
Production quality was pretty good. I'd maybe add a but of high end on the guitar to brighten it up just a smidge. Bass could probably come up a tad as well. I liked the panning of the guitar as well! Solo at 2:08 was very refreshing. I'd pan it to the other side though to make it come out at you a bit more!
Great work!
This is awesome, great recording, but I think the guitars could use a little more bite, they feel a little too muffled. I really just want to go watch a western now. The drums might a little too much attack. The composition is fantastic, I wish I could write stuff like this, my mind just doesn't do it. great job man

https://www.dropbox.com/s/u3z4xa8shfu9m61/SOMEDAY.mp3?dl=0 c4c!
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Yeah! Surf/spaghetti western music rocks.

Nice playing all around. I really liked the solo (especially the lick that starts at 2:00). I also liked the guitar tone, fits this style well.

I only disagreed with one thing about the harmonization. The bassline in the end of the A-section goes like E-B-A. Instead of playing a B, why not just play the E an octave lower? So the last bars of the A-section would be E | E (an octave lower) + optionally F# G G# or something like that (so that it would kind of work as a counter melody for the main melody) | A. It's just a nicer dominant-tonic resolution IMO. The reason why I would also prefer my way is because this way you get some counter motion in the bassline, and it sounds more interesting harmonically. I mean, now it just doubles the B that is already in the melody and kind of adds no harmonic content. And usually you want the cadence in the end of the section to be a strong resolution back to the tonic (this basically means a V7 chord with the root in bass resolving to the tonic). The B in the bass kind of weakens it.

But yeah, enough of this theory BS. Do whatever you want and what sounds good to you, it was just my suggestion as a (to-be) music theory teacher. This is just the common practice.

Oh, and another thing about the harmony... The F chord in the A section could also be an A7 chord (it's not something I have a problem with - either of the chords works just fine - but I personally might have chosen A7. Or maybe F major followed by A7). It was just the chord I was expecting because it's the same melody, just a fourth higher than in the beginning of the section (and if I heard the melody without any chords behind it, this would be the harmony I would hear behind it). Also, the Bb in the melody kind of suggests a visit to D minor (and A7 would be an obvious chord choice if you were going to visit the key of Dm). But whatever, you choose the harmonies. Again, just a suggestion. Then again, sometimes it's better to do something that people don't expect (well, I wouldn't really call the F major unexpected either). Then again, cliches are cliches for a reason.

Use these ideas if you want, or ignore them if you don't like them. They are just suggestions.
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Hey man, sorry it took this long to reply, I've been busy as fuck recently, i'll try to do a pretty complete review

Starting with the mix, it's pretty good, everything is in it's place, the right amount of FX, it feels right for the style and the music itself, so I have no complains at all about that.

I have never tried to make this style of music and I have not heard it too much outside of media and movies in general, but the guitar tones fit very well for type of music, to me it feels like an older track with today's quality of sound, so you did a very good job on the pedals/FX on the guitar, if you have achieved this sound by ear without watching a tutorial, then congratulations because you have a pretty good ear. I'm saying this from hearing the track on monitors, I don't know how this would sound on speakers or cheaper headphones.

For drums it sounds like EZD2 Modern but it fits the track pretty well, recognized it on the 3rd listen of the song because I don't use that kit much, but like I said it sounds cool, have you tried EZD2 Vintage for this older style?

Now about the music, like I said I don't listen to this type of music much so this is very new for me but I like it! Very nice riffing but my fav parts would be 1:42 and the solo part at 2:00, the first one sounds badass as fuck and the second I have never heard soloing like that before but it's very cool!

Very good job on the track!
Pretty cool. I really love your sound and the western side of it. The fact that the music is a full guitar instrumental that doesn't become a meaningless shred performance is really pleasant, even if your guitar technique is quite impressive. What kind of software do you use for the drums ?

I'd be glad to have your opinion on one of my latest songs too. If you ever find the time to do so, here's the link : https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1706834
Rock In Peace.
Nice. The title fits the song perfectly. I like the Western sound. Great job and great playing. Keep em coming!
I like the guitars a lot. I would do a different drum beat, but I'd recognize the EZdrummer anywhere and wager you need some kind of drummer so. I'd also boost the bass, speed it up a wee bit, maybe add some other instruments, a banjo would be nice. And just one acoustic guitar kinda doing that hoof-beat rhythm with the bass chords.

But it's a great song!

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