Well, hi boys and girls!

A good friend of mine has released this beautiful track, of which I thought you guys should really check it out!

So now, - and I don't know if it is permitted to ask this, please correct me if it is not allowed - it turns out we can vote for this song for the top 100 songs of all time at the local radio station. And we've probably all been through this: how hard it is for a starting artist to get some airtime on the local radio station. This could be our opportunity to give her some airplay. And she deserves it! This chart is dominated by some renowned artists who have 10 songs in this top 100, so we would really like to see someone else on the list finally....

Therefore, guys please support her! How much fun would it be if a new song from a relatively unknown artist would end up in the top of an all time top 100 chart?

If you're willing to help, please go to http://www.omroepgelderland.nl/radio-degeldersetop100-2016
. Select Without remorse - PennyLeen Krebbers . Choose 2 random other songs. Fill in your name, city and phone number (you can also fill in random things here, the phone number could for example be 0600000000 which is obviously a fake number). Send it in!

Thanks in advance guys, and please enjoy the song!