Today I recorded a video in support of the new group, these guys translated the song into English and sang


This is what I like to watch
Thank you friends for attention to be creative. It's a new band from Russia, called the group "New Horn"

They are three of my songs translated into English language!
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I enjoyed your song in the end

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I an evety characyer in this story
at the end of the clip I sing the chorus of their song band New Horn sings in this video))

The meaning of the clip is that the man had everything that was in the clip, he woke up and the melody remained in my head...
i love a man who eats bread by the loaf
great work as always
superman is killing himself tonight
That's the kind of Pavliickk videos I like: guns knives, inanimate objects being harmed for no apparent reason.

To be honest I prefer to hear your songs in Russian even If I don't understand them.

If you were pulled over by the police in the U.S. with all of that in your truck you'd be getting slammed down on the hood of your car by cops with their guns drawn and trained on you!
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