Hey guys. So a buddy of mine liked toying around with different guitars and he gave me his PRS Tremonti SE, but it just needed a set of pickups installed. I had a set of the Hetfield EMG's that needed put to use, and i figured i'd put them in and try them out. After installing them, i'm having a really weird issue. Only one of the pickups seems to be working, the bridge pickup. I moved my toggle switch to all 3 positions with no difference in sound. No matter what position the switch is in, if i turn down the volume for either pickup to 0, there is no output, even in the middle position. Any ideas?
Check your wiring again, take a high res picture of what you've got and post it here with the wiring diagram you used.

I went back and made sure the pickups were properly hooked up properly, and I don't see a mistake there. I'm starting to think I may have the wires from the toggle switch wrong.