Hi every one! I am trying to find more christian music to listen to, growing up I liked classic rock and more stuff from the 80's like Judas Priest, Megadeth, Black sabbath, Ozzy, ect.. but I am trying to find Christian rock now.. I like bands like Whitecross and Stryper I love that 80's sound with the killer guitar solos and shredding, I just found out about whitecross but I cant find any guitar tabs for there songs so I cant learn them, so I would like to find some christian rock bands where I can actually find tabs to and are similar sounding to the bands I listed or just anything really.. I am really wanting to start learning some Christian rock but I cant even find any tabs, any suggestions of older bands or new bands would be tremendously appreciated, thanks!!
Um not the type of rock you mentioned but slick shoes and mxpx have a pop punk sound.
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Thanks for the replies, hopefully ill get more suggestions, I want to find christian music with good guitar solos I can actually learn, and faith plus one.. lol at that man..
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