Hey guys ! It's been awhile since I posted here so thought I'd share one of my favorite songs from my new group INVIOLET. Haven't shared it here yet let me know what you think.. always liked the honest and straight up crits from this forum. Cheers! \,,/

Nice beginning, I like the vocals.
Like it when the song kicks in at 1:10. Nice drive in this song. With the same chord progression going throughout the song, it gets a bit repetive after a while. Nice breakdown at 3:05. Cool harmonies. Nice with the male vocals at the end. Gives the song a nice and big ending before the outro.
All in all, good job man. Liked the vocals and the overall feel of this song. Maybe try to vary it a bit more.

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Hey, it's a good track that although long has enough going on to keep interest.
It's well mixed and the vocals are clear. (She sounds like a cross between Lulu and the Divinyls singer IMO.)
The male vocals and blast of acoustic at the end are a good injection.

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