It is my regret to inform you that, due to incessant partying and processed sugar consumption, our compadre and loyal UG brother, Primus2112, is no more (maybe, we'll see tomorrow or the day after that). This thread is for honoring the (probable) death (I think he meant death anyway, maybe he's just trying to tell me he's moving or something) of lil' '2112.

I ask that we take a minute of silence before the candlelight vigil that is to be held (provided he fails to return within two days).
Quote by Primus2112
Oh shit

I'm so drunk I think there's a realistic chance I might die

last words :'(


Quote by Pastafarian96
I an evety characyer in this story
last words :'(


Just curious. Did he die of drinking or something> If so, then RIP.
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RIP bruh

pls come back as a friendly ghost so we can get into spoopy hijinks together.
ass to ass

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