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Distorted: I have a peavey 6505 combo 112 and i'm using a schecter omen 6. ive been told to keep the mids down low and everything else around 7 but i'm not getting a solid enough sound. I'm running a Ibanez TS9 through a Boss NS-2 to get those high gain tones.

I really have no idea what i'm doing and need an education into this. Looking to get a sound like Bullet for my Valentine, Asking Alexandria, metalcore type of stuff. What can i do to really improve my sound?

Clean: i have no idea what the fuck i'm doing help

Cheers guys!
First off, take out the gate until you get your sounds, then bring it back in to squash hiss/miucrophonics once that you know what you're listening to.

You could see if you can dial the tone you're after from the amp, lead channel gain about 4 and then bring in the overdrive. Think of boosting AC/DC crunch.
"Scooping the mids" or lowering all the mid-range is really for that hollow 80s thrashy metal sound. For modern metalcore type stuff you want to bring up the mids and get some thickness to your tone.
First, slap some fresh strings on, make sure its in tune. This is obviously optional, but old strings can break a sound.

Set your TS9 like this: Drive off, Tone midway, and Volume dimed.

Leave the noise gate out of the chain for now, and plug guitar into TS9, and plug the TS9 into the font of the amp.

Make sure you're on the heaviest channel. Set your EQ knobs at half. Drive VERY low for now, at a crunch sound that wouldn't be applicable for heavy metal, and set your master at desired level.

Now do some chugging. Bring the drive up until that chunk has some sustain to it. You don't want it fizzy or overbearing. A lot of metal players think gain is everything, but a lot of recorded metal tones have a lot less than you'd think. You want that clear "purr" sound. It's hard to explain, but just try using less gain than usual.

When you feel you have that situated, start adjusting the tone knob on your TS9. If it's got a good chunk to it, maybe leave it alone. Try it at max, try it almost off, get a feel for it. Midway should be fine, but for a more bit and clarity, setting it higher might be necessary. The tone knob does some prefiltering and affects EQ in a different way than your amps EQ.

Now play with the amps EQ. That's all up to you, but a lot of metalcore has more mids than other metal. Try not to completely scoop them. Just start at halfway for each and think about each one individually, and decide whether that frequency is lacking, good where it is, or overbearing.

There are other factors, like you may not like the sound of your stock speakers. You might want to invest in a good 2x12 or 4x12 with some V30's or creambacks. The cab/speaker is one of the biggest influences on tone.

My old Mark IV combo sounded terrible through its Black shadow, but I once I got a 2x12 it was like a completely different and better amp.

For clean, the 6505 isn't the best. You're probably going to get a dark sounding clean no matter what, but I'd try to bring the treble up and keep the bass and mids halfway, or lower. A compressor for a good clean sound is almost necessary, and delay/reverb really help out. An EQ pedal in front could really benefit, as you can sculpt it to pretty much exactly how you want.

Hope some of that helps.
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For the 112, you do tend to need to have the mids more scooped out than one would normally because the resistance value of the pot is too high. I know this because I've been modding these particular amps a lot. One of the mods I do is replacing the pot value for the mid control for one of a lower value so the mid controls a range that is more useful.

If you have not upgraded the speaker with something better, do that right now. A V30 or an Eminance Swamp Thang is going to help you out immensely. Or go even better than that and buy a good 2x12 or 4x12.

It's also an imperative that you buy an EQ pedal for this amp. I do not say this often but if you buy a pedal like the MXR 10-band EQ, you will left wondering why it took you so long to get one. They are tremendously useful in just about every situation you'll come across. The only useful things it won't do for you is make your dinner or iron your clothes.

A TS9 is another great pedal to use for that amp because it helps you to control the mids in a fashion that is overall more useful. Use it as a clean boost with the gain on zero, the level on max and the tone control then acts as your mid control. The most gain you'll ever need for such an amp is about 5. Then use the TS9 for getting the gain the rest of the way.

To improve your clean channel, there are tons of mods you can do to these amps to make the cleans a lot more useful (and make the lead channel far better, hotten up the amp's bias, improve the transparency of the effects loop, make more of the amp's controls operate in more useful ranges etc.), but I would not recommend doing those mods unless you have some electronics experience. Suffice to say that you can make this amp sound absolutely kick ass if you do the right combinations of mods. Perhaps this is something to work up to in the future. But for now you can replace a couple of preamp valves to achieve a better clean tone without needing to take the amp apart. Replace V1 (the input valve) and V5 (the phase inverter) with JJ 5751 valves. They are essentially a lower gain version of the 12AX7. While you are at it, replace all the valves in the amp with JJ's for that matter. They will give your cleans a bit more headroom and improve the clarity of the lead channel. Replacing V1 and V5 with 5751's will reduce your lead channel's gain a bit. But that amp already has so much gain it isn't even a problem. Your TS9 will more than make up for it.
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Ignite What pedals would you recommend so I know what to go for , budget for etc. The amp already sounds better !!

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T00DEEPBLUE I'll look to get one of fhose EQs. I thought about getting them but wasnt sure.

I know a guy who can fix my amp up for me with these modifications for a cheapish Price. I'll pass your words into him and see what he can do !!