For several reasons i try to leave windows but developers for software i use, like Toontracks, have not ported their software for linux yet.

I wrote a thread at their forum and i need your help to raise the demand for a linux port of their software.


I think my request there represents the most pressing matters for the need of a port. But feel free to enhance and broaden the issue. Thanks in advance for any help
Good luck! Linux DAW is slowly gaining but Linux DAW software becoming paid software now is not helping much, as you get quite an unstable package. When they were free there were more tinkerers, I even played around with Rosegarden but couldn't get it to stay stable.

One of these days...
I've already experimented with Bitwig and Ardour. Once you get JACK to work properly they did work quite well. Also the inlcuded linux plugins worked great without crashes; only there are no good (metal) guitar-preamps and drum-plugins to use them with.
Of course the developers can't support every Linux-constellation out there, but they could support some distros like ubuntu-studio which are in some ways cut out for this kind of work. (Several) Video-Games managed this jump as well and did not fail!

I'm all for open-source but the amount of work in different disciplines (not only programming, but recording, mixing, alone having the equipment to do this, etc) to produce this kind of software would simply not be possible for an open-source model IMHO.