Alright so it's time i upgraded my guitar. I've been playing a low end LTD for 5 years (LOL). I'm of advanced to intermediate skill level and i'm looking for something for or under 1200 USD. I play Metal (classic and heavy as hell) and a bit of classic rock here and there. I've looked at the LTD EC-1000 and think there could be something better. I don't mind brand, preferably in the mainstream brands though (ESP/LTD, IBANEZ, JACKSON, PRS, GIBSON/EPI ETC) Any Suggestions? Cheers!

(PS i'd prefer brand new, i know you can find cheap second hand, but i'd really prefer new!)
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gwidvideos I would recommend to a local store and trying a few things out in your price bracket, see if you like anything. also if you dont have a paticularly good amp it might be worth the upgrade as well.
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gwidvideos I would recommend to a local store and trying a few things out in your price bracket, see if you like anything. also if you dont have a paticularly good amp it might be worth the upgrade as well.

+1 here.

For the price, do yourself a favor and try stuff out.
Multiple times and through a variety of amps if available.

Also, +1 on the amp. If you have a 15W Marshall MG, your tone isn't going to improve.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.
What are your preferences? It's great to list brands but none of that means anything without telling us what your specific needs are.

Also, what amp are you using? If your amp is junk then none of the money you're spending is going to make you sound any better.
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T00DEEPBLUE True! Well.. As for the neck joint i don't want any bolt ons, preferably set or thru neck, No basswood bodies, mahogany or anything other would do the trick, i don't mind about frets, i previously played on 24 but 22 would not bother me, i'd like emg or seymour duncan blackouts (or any passive pickups if you recommend them over active) overall shape doesn't bother me, scale, i'm willing to play anything, and neck profile doesn't bother me as long as its not super fat.

As for amp i play through a Roland Cube 80gx (a beast for its price and size). You might be thinking it's a cheap piece of crap, but it actually sounds great. Recently i've been playing through BIAS FX/AMPS on my computer with a 300 dollar interface i payed for. But both of these have made my 650 dollar guitar sound amazing, hence why i haven't swapped it out. But i've reached an almost advanced level of playing, i'm very happy with my style and sound, i've played my friends higher to mid range guitars in my own amp/computer and it just gives it that extra punch that i'm looking for
Depends on what you want out of a guitar, feel, sound, hardware.

Do you like Gloss finish on your necks? What do you prefer when it comes to the radius? More round, flat, compound? What about inlays. Do you prefer floating trems or hardtails? Ibanez make their own bridges and alot of their new guitars come with Edge Zero II, good bridges just bought a premium secondhand with one, love it.

Right now I'm looking at the Schecter Blackjack, they look beautiful, satin finish on the neck, compound radius 12-16", Floyd 1000 series bridge, sustaniac system.

I like Jackson and I own several Ibanez as well, but right now, nothing they have this year interests me for several reasons. Just my personal preference though.
gwidvideos So you're uncertain about the body style, the neck thickness and the scale length. Those are really fundamental things to consider when buying any guitar and not really being certain of any one of those is just not good enough. Have you gone to a guitar store and actually tried some guitars yet? What guitars did you play and which ones did you find the most appealing and why?

I actually own a Cube 60. When I bought it way back many years ago I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread until my 6505+ murdered it. Since I got one of those it's been gathering dust clouds in my attic. I really don't think the Cube amps are all that great. The COSM models they use are really dated and modelling tech has moved on a lot since then. I would suggest getting a better amp, but that's just my experience.
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IDK whats the issue with basswood? Many Ibanez Prestige models are basswood and are very high quality and well respected within the guitar community. There are others for sure I seem to remember seeing some EVH Wolfgangs (possibly the Peavey version) that were basswood.

Ibanez uses it extensivlely throughout its entire line up all the way to the higher end guitars here is an example of a $1200 Ibanez Prestige made with a basswood body.

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