I have downloaded a guitar pro tab and there a lot of "let ring" texts above the notes.
I wan't to remove them to make the normal lyric in tab be more visible.
I can't find a way to remove this annoying texts.

See the attachment. Does anyone now how to remove them?
Eva Cassidy - Ain't no sunshine.gp4
The let ring indications are done using the "let ring" effect and affect how the tab sounds. You get them by highlighting the note and clicking the let ring icon which you should see near the bottom of the screen, or using the keyboard shortcut "i". They can be removed the same way.
However if you enter the lyrics as text (using "t") they will appear above the music and will not clash with the let rings at all.
I have never entered lyrics using the lyrics tab in Guitar Pro, I always put them in as text and that works for me.