hi there..

I'm about buying a squier tele with humbuckers or a a mustang with humbuckers..

is there some copies out there worth it ? (like les paul not epiphone that rely on good crafmanship and not on the E brand)

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Check out G&L's Tribute line.
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What kind of budget do you have?

I'm pretty sure G&L have a T-style with an HH-config.
As much as I don't like Chapman in his way of marketing stuff, his guitars get praised a lot and I'm doubting it's without good reason. He has a T-model with two humbuckers as well. Schecter and LTD do one as well, but I don't have experience with those.

Not a Tele or a Mustang, but an Ibanez Talman is in the same vein in my opinion and might be worth checking out as well.

EDIT: Apparently, the Talman doesn't come in HH-config. I'd swear I've seen one. :")
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