hi, ive just bought bias desktop and I'm really confused with the amp matching part. I can sample my own sound through bias but when it comes to sampling an external sound (such as a dry guitar sound from a song) I cannot get bias to pick up that sound, I can play the sound through media player or whatever but bias will not pick it up. ive looked all over the internet and people are using DAW's, I hav no idea what one is or how to use one, can anyone help me please?
Did you get the VST with it or is just standalone? The easiest way is to load it into a DAW, record your part, then stick the isolated guitar part on the Bias track and play it right after you press Sample.

A DAW is basically your recording program. Protools, Reaper, Cubase, Logic, etc. Any of those. If you plan on doing any recording you're going to need one.

What do u mean by vst? Also, how do i load bias into a daw, im completely new to all this.
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Ooh boy you're in for a brand new world.

My advice is to download Reaper. It's free, but has a trial period that never runs out, so technically it's legal to keep using it. It's a fantastic DAW.

But before you do that, make sure you have the VST. VST's are .dll files that are loaded into your DAW onto a track as an effect.

If you have a PC, look in C:\program files\vst plugins and see if there's a Bias.dll or something similar. When installing the program you have have noticed it said something about this. If you have a Mac then I have no idea haha.

If for some reason it's only a standalone version with no VST, then I have really no idea unless you looped your output into your guitar input, but I'm not even sure that would work.

I'd look up some YouTube videos on what a vst is or how to load one in a DAW if you decide to download one.
ok, ive looked for the vst dll files and I have them, but I still have no clue how to get them into a daw, ive downloaded audacity and I can see it within the effects section but I cannot enable it?
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Audacity doesn't work like that. I believe you can load VSTs and apply the effect needed, but you can't load it onto a track and have it running in real time. Audacity is very very limited.

Most other DAWs allow you to create a track, and load effects in real time. Usually you have to go into the preferences and find the VST option and scan the VST folder, then you should be able to click FX on the track and load Bias. The guitar signal goes through Bias, and when you hit record, the track records your dry signal, but Bias is processing it in real time. This allows you to keep the original DI guitar tones, and edit the tone on the fly with whatever effects you need.

To play in real time, as if you were playing on the non VST version, you need to arm the track for recording, and allow "input monitoring".

I know this probably all doesn't make sense, but you'll have to a experience it yourself before you understand. Just find a free DAW (I recommended Reaper, obviously) and find a video on how to load VSTs into it.
ok, ive now got bias into reaper but I have now sound or input signal, however, if I import a media file into reaper and play that I do have sound
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Go into preferences and check your audio settings. Make sure your interface is selected. Usually it should be under ASIO, but some interfaces have proprietary drivers.

But before that, the track should have a little red record button, make sure you click it. It doesn't start to record, but it arms the track to be able to record. This enables the input. Then at the bottom right corner of the track, under the volume, there's a button for Input Monitoring. Make sure it lights up green. Your signal should come through.

So in a nutshell, just make sure the tracked is armed to record, and monitoring is on. Bias should be loaded as an effect, and the FX button should be green, showing that it actually is.

When you sample the isolated guitar part, Bias disables itself for that moment so the guitar track doesn't run through the amp model. Dont let that confuse you. I physically select a part of the track and click the loop button (next to the play/record buttons I'm Reaper) so it loops and doesnt run out of time.

Also there's two ways to do this.
1. Make a tone with a cab model as close as possible, then do the amp matching.
2. Bypass the cab. You can choose "Bypass", but I select the IR option in the drop down menu under the cab, and set Mix to 0. You'll get this terrible buzzy sound either way, that's what a guitar amp sounds like without a cab. Play that buzzy sound while you sample.

This can just produce different results. The EQ matching is going to alter your sound in the same way, but be applied differently. I feel like the raw cab-less sound provides a better result, and the EQ applied is more like an actual cab impulse, and not just adjusting the frequencies of the cab you already have selected. This makes altering your amp setting afterwards a lot more forgiving.

thankyou for all your help, very much appreciated, I shall give all of that a try, wish me luck