Ive been searching for a decent used 2x12 and a bunch of the descriptions say celestion speakers
1) is that good or bad?
2) is there more than one type of celestion speaker?
It is a brand of speakers and like any brand there are good and not so good speakers. You should find out what kind of Celestian speaker. Often, if they don't list what kind, they tend to be the cheaper variety.
This thread is loaded with great information! - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=823671

As you'll learn in that link, there are many models of Celestion speakers - not all of them are listed there, but some of the most popular models are.

In general, they're high quality speakers that are very widely used/popular, but they have a few economy models that aren't as good which are installed in some cheaper speaker cabinets.
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Well; Celestion is a brand that has been around nearly forever and has a few models that are considered classics for guitar:

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good celestions are good, bad celestions aren't. a lot of people will market a cabinet with crap celestions as "comes with celestion speakers" to try to con you into thinking it's good

you really need to know exactly which model of speakers the cab contains. if you find that out and get back to us we can tell you if they're any good or not, and what type of tones they're aimed at.
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